Vasl Workshops

3 Days Art Workshop Art Workshop at World Vision Dhoke Hassu, Pakistan


3 Days Art Workshop Art Workshop at Government MC Girls Primary School, Dhoke Hassu, Pakistan


4 Days Art Workshop at Government Zia-ul-Uloom High School, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


‘Artists in Creative Education’ 2014


3 Days Art Workshop at Bhera, Pakistan


‘Artists in Creative Education’ 2013


Vasl International Artists’ Workshop 2012

Performance, Moving Image and Sound


International Artists' Workshop Lahore Nov 2008


A Public Art Investigation



VASL International Artists' Workshop, Gadani 2006


VASL conducted its inaugural workshop in 2001 at Gadani with 22 artists participating from 11 countries.

The second workshop in february 2006 also took place at Gadani with 24 artists representing 13 countries.



Gadani Workshop 2001


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