Ehsan ul Haq


Born and based in Lahore, Ehsan ul Haq received his Bachelors degree in Fine Art in 2008 and a post graduate diploma in Art Education in 2009 from the Beaconhouse National University in Lahore.

He has exhibited in Pakistan, the UK and Germany, and most recently in India for the show curated by Rashid Rana, Resemble Reassemble, a group show of Contemporary art from Pakistan, from the Lekha and Poddar collection at the Devi Art Foundation in India.

I am enthralled by the creative and intelligent nature of man that reflects through his act of manipulating and re ordering of his surroundings, in the course of which he also redefines the general concepts of life.I like to play with situations or spaces where life and art overlaps. My work remains at a plane where art and life exist as parallels in ambiguous forms. It is this space between art and life, where I question the various aesthetics and concepts of life.

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