Hira Mansur

The process of hybridization inspires my work, because in a manner of speaking, i consider myself a hybrid of both my biological mother and my adoptive mother. I derived this idea from "Eclyse" a singular horse-zebra hybrid, which arrived at the Stukenbrock safari park in Germany. Eclyse's mother, a zebra, was sent to a farm in Northern Italy in 2003 where she met Eclyse's father, a horse. Eclyse's coloring is very unusual for a zebroid. It is unique because zebra-horse hybrids have zebra fathers and horse mothers. Eclyse is unable to reproduce because most equine hybrids are infertile.

The visuals in my work include zebra and horse as symbols. My work depicts the feelings of women who cannot bear children therefore i have also used images of my adoptive mother along with objects that aid her routine endeavors.

I have also combined painted imagery with images rendered in needle pricks. The theory behind the combination is to communicate my adoptive mother’s sentiments in contrast with reality.

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